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BioTic Granada Campus

BioTic Granada Campus is a project to create a groundbreaking new Campus in the privileged setting of Granada. The project revolves around two core strengths, BioHealth and ICT, and has the active support of a strategic partnership comprised of over 200 key players. The three core partner-promoters of the project are:

  • UGR - Universidad de Granada
  • CSIC - Spanish National Research Council
  • PTS – Health-Science Technology Park
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A project with solid foundations

The BioTic Granada Campus is built on a sound foundation of partnership, and offers a space for learning, economic development and synergistic interaction that is designed to achieve International Excellence. The strength of its foundations lies in the following principles of partnership:

  • Co-responsible participation and with the capacity to adapt
  • Committed, enterprising and socially responsible
  • Open and connected – locally and internationally
  • Sustainable and stays ahead of its game
  • Led by a University that learns and innovates
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An effective Campus

The BioTic Granada Campus takes the form of a strategic partnership that promotes non-competitive collaboration between partners. Each of the three partner-promoters has a clearly defined mission, as do all the other members of the partnership.

In this model each one contributes and adds to the project. An open and responsible management structure ensures an effective Campus, with direction clearly defined and driven in each aspect of the project, and with all partners pulling together.

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An open institution

With active participation by the partner-promoters, management of the Campus will have an open structure. The different partners (Local and Regional Government, Academic Institutions, Businesses, Transfer Agents and International Agents) will participate directly in the management of the BioTic Granada Campus. An International Advisory Board will be set up specifically to facilitate the participation of International Agents.

This management structure forms the basis for creating a Campus that is open, agile and dynamic, with the capacity to grow, improve and continually adapt.

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Quality in urban design, architecture and heritage

Connected by Granada’s Metro light railway, the BioTic Granada Campus blends into the city, with its various centres located throughout the five existing campuses: Cartuja, Aynadamar, City Centre, Fuentenueva and the Health-Science Technology Park (PTS). It also has a presence at campuses in Ceuta and Melilla.

The UGR enjoys a tremendously rich heritage, in its buildings, its historic assets and its culture. The BioTic Granada Campus will transform this heritage into architectural elements and urban planning of the highest quality. To achieve this it will undertake a series of actions – based on re-urbanisation and landscaping, new construction, alterations, accessibility and eco-efficiency – that will firmly ‘anchor’ this heritage in the urban structure of the city.

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A clearly international perspective

The BioTic Granada Campus takes an international perspective and is structured accordingly. For this reason the strategic partnership includes over 50 international agents.

The UGR brings an international profile to the project. With innumerable relationships with international educational institutions and centres for transfer, the University is considered a benchmark in teaching throughout Europe and world-wide thanks to programmes for studying abroad and its position as leading destination for the ERASMUS programme. It also heads up the COIMBRA Group and the AUIP – both international authorities in the University realm.

The other partner-promoters (PTS and CSIC) also have myriad international connections, giving the project a significant international dimension in non-teaching areas

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Fostering economic development and social responsibility

The BioTic Granada Campus represents an ethical, intelligent project that contributes to improving levels of economic development and wellbeing – by responding, by contributing, and by developing solutions that address human needs. It will be positively valued by its own partners and associates, by the University community and by society as a whole; and as a committed, specialist partnership it will be considered an international standard.

The scientific and transfer potential of the Campus will not only be valued but will be transformed into balanced and sustainable economic and social development. The Campus will gain recognition for its commitment to the local environment and close liaison with social agents including business support organisations and unions.

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An appealing Campus

The BioTic Granada Campus will hold international appeal. Its setting, the quality of its teaching and research, its international profile and its solid foundations will make the project a touch-stone for students, researchers and professionals from around the world.

People are at the heart of the project’s development. A Campus of such broad appeal will have the drive, energy, knowledge and innovating capacity necessary to continually grow and develop.

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Comentarios destacados

  • Alberto López Galindo Alberto López Galindo Director of the Andalusian Institute of Earth Sciences (Joint centre, UGR-CSIC)

    BioTic Campus represents a significant leap in terms of quality for the scientific community of Granada.

  • Presentation of the Alhambra MOOC Presentation of the Alhambra MOOC
  • Vicente Larraga Rodríguez de Vera Vicente Larraga Rodríguez de Vera Director of the Biological Research Centre (CSIC)

    Campus GRANADA BioTic brings fresh initiatives par excellence in the research field.

  • Participants in the Erasmus Intensive Programme “BIOMED-TECH” organised by CEI BioTic Participants in the Erasmus Intensive Programme “BIOMED-TECH” organised by CEI BioTic
  • Agreement between Fujitsu and the UGR at CEI BioTic Agreement between Fujitsu and the UGR at CEI BioTic
  • CEI BioTic Science & Technology Summer School, 2014 CEI BioTic Science & Technology Summer School, 2014
  • Conference on the Campus of International Excellence initiative: “Analysis of Experiences from Different Countries: Looking to the Future” Conference on the Campus of International Excellence initiative: “Analysis of Experiences from Different Countries: Looking to the Future”
  • Jesús Quero Molina Jesús Quero Molina Granada Health Science and Technology Park - Manager

    Our Health Science and Technology Park will boost the Campus GRANADA BioTic to a privileged international position.

  • University of Texas at Austin IC2 Workshop University of Texas at Austin IC2 Workshop
  • Free Software Competition sponsored by CEI BioTic Free Software Competition sponsored by CEI BioTic
  • Cristina Campoy Folgoso Cristina Campoy Folgoso University of Granada Researcher & General Secretary of the European Nutrition Academy

    We are committed to this project so as to bring the University of Granada to the world's top universities.

  • Monica Olvera de la Cruz Mónica Olvera de la Cruz Lawyer Taylor Professor of Materials Science and Engineering - Director, Materials Research Center Northwestern University

    Campus GRANADA BioTic proposes novel initiatives for outstanding research.

  • Winning photograph in the III CEI BioTic Facebook competition Winning photograph in the III CEI BioTic Facebook competition
  • Alfredo Berzal Herranz Alfredo Berzal Herranz "López-Neyra" Parasitology and Bio-Medicine Institute - Head of Direction Board

    Campus GRANADA BioTic is a project to turn this historical city into an international reference for scientific education and research.

  • José Antonio Lorente Acosta José Antonio Lorente Acosta GENYO - Head of Direction Board

    This project will boost the possibilities for oncologic and genomic development and excellence.

  • Dominique Langevin Dominique Langevin Directeur de Recherche CNRS, researcher in the Laboratoire de Physique des Solides of University Paris Sud 11. L’ORÉAL-UNESCO Award 2005 Materials Sciences

    Campus GRANADA BioTic is a major project towards the appeal of Granada as a leading research location.

  • Ski simulator at the iMUDS Ski simulator at the iMUDS
  • CEI BioTic meeting for R&D project leads CEI BioTic meeting for R&D project leads
  • CEI BioTic Ideas Competition prize-giving event CEI BioTic Ideas Competition prize-giving event
  • Nicolás Toro García Nicolás Toro García Director de la Estación Experimental del Zaidín

    Because of its quality, coincidence with our objectives and effects that the aggregation will produce in our region as a whole we support Campus GRANADA BioTic.

  • Prof. Shlomo Magdassi Prof. Shlomo Magdassi The Enrique Berman Chair Casali Institute, Institute of Chemistry. The Center for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology. The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

    Campus GRANADA BioTic will decisively boost the research carried out in Granada.

  • José Carlos Calvo Tudela José Carlos Calvo Tudela intelligenia - Executive Manager

    The University of Granada and its partners will make possible the co-operation between companies of different sectors.

  • Wagner A. Kamakura Wagner A. Kamakura Professor. Marketing-Management International Expert, Rice University

    GRANADA Biotic, an exciting and necessary project for a new model of development that will generate high added value and quality employment.

  • Juan López-Belmonte Encina Juan López-Belmonte Encina Rovi Pharmaceuticals - Managing Director

    Campus GRANADA BioTic will allow us to enlarge our number of collaborators; which allows us to hire highly-qualified researchers for our labs.

  • Antonia Aranega Jiménez Antonia Aranega Jiménez FIBAO - Scientic Director

    With the excellence we will achieve living spaces and opportunities for both to penetrate into the thrilling world of the knowledge and to facilitate the permeability to a competitive society.

  • Prof. Dr. Christer Carlsson Prof. Dr. Christer Carlsson Director IAMSR, Abo Akademi University, Finland

    BioTic Granada will be an international benchmark in its field of specialisation, especially in the interface between bio-helath and ICT; we welcome new forms of cooperation that will become possible with the additional resources.

  • Roque Hidalgo Álvarez Roque Hidalgo Álvarez President of the COLINTER network - Editorial committee "Soft Matter" - Chairman of the International Soft Matter Conference 2010

    The excellence is built day to day, but the BIOTIC will help to everyone to improve our social commitment.

  • Francisco Herrera Francisco Herrera Spanish researcher with most citations in ICT

    BioTic Granada is an opportunity for increasing and strengthen both the international scientific cooperation and the technological transfer.

  • Amparo Vila Miranda Amparo Vila Miranda President of the committee for the evaluation of the graduate programmes of Architecture and Engineering in the Spanish Agency for Quality Assessment and Accreditation (ANECA)

    BioTic will be essential for the future of the ICTs in Andalusia, and it will provide excellent professional opportunities for our best graduate and master students.

  • Dorothy Kelly Dorothy Kelly Vicechancelor of Internacional Relations - President of the Coimbra Group

    The BioTic GRANADA Campus, with its strong international component, is an exciting collective initiative.

  • Miguel Botella Miguel Botella Coordinator of the projects for human identification in Latin America. Referee of the forensic anthropology methods used in the missing arrested of the military dictatorship of Chile

    Between all of us will attempt the BioTic project, since its represent an exciting commitment by the research and formation good quality, key in the development of our society.

  • Javier Alba-Tercedor Javier Alba-Tercedor Vice-chairman, and head of the scholarship funds of The Permanent Committee of the International Conferences on Ephemeroptera

    Excellence cannot be improvised; it is obtained with effort and illusion. Joining potentialities under the acronym BioTic we will increase our knowledge; but particularly to improve our surroundings and society.

  • Ahmad Agil Ahmad Agil Paul Stanhound Award to the Young Research by the Academy of Clinical Laboratory of Physicians and Scientists, Harvard University, EEUU, 1996

    BioTic Campus is an opportunity for excellence investigation that connects the sustainable development for an effective society to the internationalization spirit that the University of Granada represents.

  • María José Rodríguez Fórtiz María José Rodríguez Fórtiz Project sc@ut for people with special needs leader

    Campus GRANADA BioTic will support research in technologies for people with special needs, enabling their integration in the society.

  • Fernando Valdivieso Fernando Valdivieso PNEURON BPh President and Founder

    NEURON BPh supports the Campus GRANADA BioTic since it means a hope for the biotechnological innovation as one of the basis for the economic development of Andalusia and Spain.

  • “European Corner” at the Researchers’ Night event, coordinated by CEI BioTic “European Corner” at the Researchers’ Night event, coordinated by CEI BioTic
  • Poster session raising awareness of CEI BioTic projects. Faculty of Science (May 2013) Poster session raising awareness of CEI BioTic projects. Faculty of Science (May 2013)
  • Ángel Gil Hernández Ángel Gil Hernández President of the Iberoamerican Nutrition Foundation (FINUT) - President of the International Congress of Nutrition 2013, International Union of Nutritional Sciences (IUNS)

    The new BioTic GRANADA Campus represents an outstanding opportunity for sharing new ideas and modern tools with other prestigious foreign institutions and enterprises to build up the new era of Nutrition.

  • Ernesto Páramo Sureda Ernesto Páramo Sureda "Parque de las Ciencias" Director

    Our park is a reference for scientific and technologic divulgation, and we totally support the Biotic Campus project, which is commanded by amazing professors, scientists and institutions.

  • Alberto Prieto Espinosa Alberto Prieto Espinosa President of the Spanish chapter of the IEEE Computational Intelligence Society. Awarded the Computing National Prize in 2006

    We should never be satisfied. We should always think we can do better. BioTic Campus is challenge, and an opportunity to do better.

  • Professor Moon Gi Kang Professor Moon Gi Kang Director of the Center for Next-Generation Digital Imaging Research (CNDIR) at Yonsei University

    The BioTic project will be an excellent opportunity for international academic/research collaboration, surely leading to worldwide outstanding outcome.

  • The CEI BioTic stand at UGR Freshers’ Week, 2014 The CEI BioTic stand at UGR Freshers’ Week, 2014
  • The “BioRegion” Building (CEI BioTic office) The “BioRegion” Building (CEI BioTic office)
  • Witold Pedrycz Witold Pedrycz Professor and Canada Research Chair in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada.

    Let me take this opportunity and congratulate the UGR on this unique and valuable initiative. There is no doubt in my mind that this will place the UGR amongst the top 100 Universities in Europe and the top 300 in the world. Altogether we will strive to accomplish this important goal.

  • Takeshi Yamakawa Takeshi Yamakawa Professor Emeritus of Kyushu Institute of Technology - Director of Fuzzy Logic Systems Institute

    It is my pleasure to contribute to promote the research and scientific cooperation between Kyushu Institute of Technology and Campus BioTic GRANADA as both institutions have similar research objectives and goals.

  • Curling arena at Fuentenueva Campus Curling arena at Fuentenueva Campus
  • The GENIL Awards for the best pre-doctoral articlesf The GENIL Awards for the best pre-doctoral articles
  • Gerardo Cuerva Valdivia Gerardo Cuerva Valdivia Presidente de la Confederación Granadina de Empresarios

    BioTic Granada permitirá atraer hasta la UGR a las mentes con más iniciativa y talento de Europa, lo que sin duda mejorará la transferencia de conocimiento entre la universidad y el tejido empresarial.

  • Winning photograph in the I CEI BioTic Facebook competition Winning photograph in the I CEI BioTic Facebook competition
  • Inclusive Campus, 2015 Inclusive Campus, 2015

Horizon 2031: The University of Granada in Light of its V Centenary.

Esta publicación surge en 2015, año que es un punto de inflexión entre el final de la iniciativa de CEI en España y un año tan especial para la UGR como el de 2031, en el que se cumple el V Centenario de su fundación.


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