CEI BioTic Granada

Universidad de Granada | Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas | Parque Tecnológico de Ciencias de la Salud de Granada

Objectives, Lines and Actions

Improvements in teaching, and adaptation to the EHEA

Strand 1.1. Renewed teaching offer, adapted to the EHEA

  • Action 1.1.1 Adapting the degree offer to the EHEA
  • Action 1.1.2 Adapting the Masters and Doctoral offer to the EHEA
  • Action 1.1.3 Develop inter-university alliances for Joint Degrees and their internationalisation
  • Action 1.1.4 Increase the university's offer in English as a second language, and in other modern languages
  • Action 1.1.5 Strengthen the offer in Spanish for foreigners.
  • Action 1.1.6 Develop the life-long learning offer
  • Action 1.1.7 Develop virtual teaching, consolidating the Virtual Teaching Centre (known as CEV)
  • Action 1.1.8 Foster collaboration with specific geographical areas: the Euro-Latin American zone and development of cross-border collaboration with North Africa

Strand 1.2. Development of a new EHEA-based teaching model

  • Action 1.2.1 Consolidation and extension of the UGR's teaching plan, which currently embraces five programmes:
    • Innovation and educational good practice
    • Support for practice-based education
    • Training
    • Adapting teaching to the EHEA
    • Support for teaching Masters
  • Action 1.2.2 Fostering the use of information and communications technologies in teaching
  • Action 1.2.3 Plan for evaluating and improving quality in the teaching-learning process
  • Action 1.2.4 Adaptation of teaching areas to meet the needs of the new degrees as per the EHEA

Strand 1.3. Teaching staff and administrative/support staff motivated and committed to the BioTic Granada Campus

  • Action 1.3.1 Internal information and communications plan for the BioTic Granada Campus
  • Action 1.3.2 HR plan to recruit eminent professionals with international prestige
  • Action 1.3.3 Programme designed to stimulate involvement with the BioTic Granada Campus
  • Action 1.3.4 Plan for the adaptation of administrative management to meet EHEA needs

Strand 1.4. Plan for practice-based teaching at the BioTic Granada Campus

  • Action 1.4.1 Annual plan for practical work placements linked to the activities of the BioTic Granada Campus
  • Action 1.4.2 'Get involved with the BioTic Granada Campus' Plan. Participation of businesses and partners in the practical dimension of teaching for students at Masters level, and involvement of agents external to the UGR in practice-based teaching
  • Action 1.4.3 Creation of an International Life-Long Learning Center (IL3C) to design and deliver specialised courses to meet business demand. Offer professional training that is both specialised and uniquely linked to the strategic areas of specialism within Bio-ICT

Strand 1.5. GRANADA International Postgraduate School (GIPS)

  • Action 1.5.1 International benchmarking amongst the most prestigious Postgraduate and Doctoral Schools, both from an academic perspective and also in terms of management and organisational structure
  • Action 1.5.2 Redefine the organisational structure of the International Postgraduate School
  • Action 1.5.3 Plan to achieve international excellence at Masters and Doctoral level. Offer high quality international Masters in English.
  • Action 1.5.4 Develop inter-university alliances for Joint Masters and Doctorates and their internationalisation
  • Action 1.5.5 Plan for communications and international student recruitment

Improvements in science and knowledge transfer

Strand 2.1. Improvement in resources allocated to R&D&I and their management

  • Action 2.1.1 Plan for increasing funding for research in the areas of specialisation
  • Action 2.1.2 Plan for infrastructures and scientific equipment. Support for the Scientific Instrumentation Centre and the Supercomputing Centre
  • Action 2.1.3 Plan for recruiting and training technical personnel
  • Action 2.1.4 Definition of the management and R&D&I process model at the BioTic Granada Campus. Restructuring and coordination of R&D&I management teams

Strand 2.2. Improvement of human resources working on R&D&I

  • Action 2.2.1 The ‘Talent in Action’ Plan, comprising of:
    • The EXCELLENCE IN THESIS programme to attract international Doctorate-level students
    • The EXCELLENCE IN THESIS SUPERVISION programme, to contract researchers of international prestige to oversee Doctoral theses of excellence
    • International Doctoral Summer School, part of the communications and internationalisation plan of the BioTic Granada Campus, to inform and recruit fresh talent
  • Action 2.2.2 Specific plan for visiting researchers of international prestige
  • Action 2.2.3 Incentivisation plan linked to the achievement of the objectives of the BioTic Granada Campus.
  • Action 2.2.4 Increased numbers of female Lead Researchers working on projects

Strand 2.3. Research of international excellence

  • Action 2.3.1 Strengthen integration and coordination amongst research institutes and public research agencies (OPIs) in the partnership
  • Action 2.3.2 Increase participation in Framework Programmes
  • Action 2.3.3 Plan to increase in participation in international projects and networks.
  • Action 2.3.4 Simplification of procedures and norms in researc.
  • Action 2.3.5 Documentation and bibliometric monitoring Unit (DOSEBI)
  • Action 2.3.6 Communication plan covering research resources and the offer in science and technology. Periodic publicising of scientific indicators Include within the BioTic Granada overall communication plan.

Strand 2.4. Multidisciplinary research of excellence

  • Action 2.4.1 Creation of a centre, international in profile, to coordinate Interdisciplinary Cancer Research (CI3C) carried out by research groups from medicine, chemistry, biology, pharmacy and physics, amongst others. Fostering the creation of interdisciplinary groups
  • Action 2.4.2 Creation of the Advanced Information Research Institute (known as (I3A)), a centre with a high level of international interdisciplinary research in the ICT field
  • Action 2.4.3 Foster the development of research projects to be supported by senior researchers of the highest level
  • Action 2.4.4 Strengthen internal research coordination and its international promotion
  • Action 2.4.5 Foreign researchers on research stays

Strand 2.5. Spotting new opportunities in the R&D&I process and fostering collaborative R+D

  • Action 2.5.1 Develop a dynamic and competitive portfolio representing the technology offer of the BioTic Granada Campus
  • Action 2.5.2 The Granadainnova Programme to identify and manage new R&D&I opportunities via an IT platform
  • Action 2.5.3 Plan for stimulating creativity and formulating technological proposals:
    • Establishing a permanent communications channel with businesses focused on new technological opportunities
    • Prior valuation of proposals and capacities, to highlight the commercial appeal of proposals
    • Regular activities (in a format that is different and ‘made to measure’ for participants) based on joint working on R+D challenges, bringing together research groups and the local business network
    • Joint presentation between businesses, OPIs, and other research groups to competitive open calls for proposals
  • Action 2.5.4 Creation of the Business Transfer Centre (CTE)
  • Action 2.5.5 Promoting the ICT Research Centre (CITIC)

Strand 2.6. Valuation of R+D and analysis prior to commercialisation

  • Action 2.6.1 The AUDIT-INNOVA programme, to analyse the innovative potential of SMEs, both in products and also in processes. Apply protocols for innovation audits
  • Action 2.6.2 Analysis and evaluation of the potential and viability of the commercial exploitation of the capacities and results of R+D at the BioTic Granada Campus
  • Action 2.6.3 Emerging Technologies Observatory (OTE), particularly in the strategic areas of specialisation
  • Action 2.6.4 Achieving participation in national and international R&D&I initiatives to foster collaboration with groups from the BioTic Granada Campus

Strand 2.7. Protecting knowledge and managing intellectual and industrial property

  • Action 2.7.1 Establish protection protocols. Regularly inform and advise potential users of the possibilities surrounding protection, and the processes involved
  • Action 2.7.2 Agency to oversee intellectual and industrial property, in particular monitoring new developments relevant to the strategic areas of specialisation
  • Action 2.7.3 Promoting protection and boosting the income derived from it

Strand 2.8. Fostering an entrepreneurial culture and the creation of technology-based businesses

  • Action 2.8.1 Developing entrepreneurial capacity. Offer of training in entrepreneurial competencies in the different centres, geared to the specific nature of the degree programmes being delivered
  • Action 2.8.2 The ‘The Entrepreneurial Way’ Programme, in collaboration with other innovation agents, to identify and train entrepreneurs.
  • Action 2.8.3 The ECE Programme. Participation of potential entrepreneurs in the analysis of case studies on entrepreneurship, to generate new projects.
  • Action 2.8.4 The DETEBT@ Programme:
    • Spotting and making inventories of new business and portfolio opportunities from business plans at the BioTic Granada Campus.
    • Attracting entrepreneurs and investors to develop business ideas emerging from the BioTic Granada Campus
    • Support technology-based businesses from the BioTic Granada Campus in attracting highly qualified personnel
  • Action 2.8.5 The IMPULSEBT Programme, driving technology-based businesses:
    • Plan for promoting and monitoring technology-based businesses

from the BioTic Granada Campus.

  • Creating business incubators for those businesses specialising in specific strategic areas
  • Attracting risk capital investment
  • Developing programmes for collaboration and exchange of experiences between established enterprises and new technologybased businesses.
  • Action 2.8.6 Promoting the activities of the Entrepreneurship Chair
  • Action 2.8.7 Creating a Seed Capital Fund

Strand 2.9. Marketing R&D&I

  • Action 2.9.1 The MARK R&D&I Plan: Strategic marketing plan for R&D&I at the BioTic Granada Campus. Positioning R&D&I from the BioTic Granada Campus in the international arena. Undertaking an international market study for R&D&I in the specific strategic areas. International presence and visibility of output and results from the BioTic Granada Campus
  • Action 2.9.2 The COMUN R&D&I Plan. Communication plan for R&D&I. In connection with the BioTic Granada Campus communication strategy, and aimed both at internal publics and externally, at national and international level. Presence in the media and social networks. Web communication channel to showcase offers, demand and results
  • Action 2.9.3 Creation of an International Innovation Commercialisation Unit (UCII), in collaboration with the Trade Promotion Agency of Andalusia, EXTENDA

Strand 2.10. Collaboration with Networks and Training

  • Action 2.10.1 Forming international collaborative networks particularly in ICT and BioHealth, fostering new spheres of knowledge and more ambitious joint activity
  • Action 2.10.2 Organising conferences for Sharing and Exchange of Experiences
  • Action 2.10.3 Organising specialised professional training activities, aimed at specialist technical personnel working in transfer, in areas of strategic interest

Campus transformation

Strand 3.1. Anchoring architectural, historical and cultural heritage in the urban structure of the city. BioTic Granada Campus: History and Future.

  • Action 3.1.1 Plan for improving the relationship between the historic buildings and their immediate environment
  • Action 3.1.2 Overarching Plan for the Restoration of Historic and Heritage Buildings, with actions aimed at: Hospital Real, Edificio de San Pablo, Colegio Máximo de Cartuja, Facultad de Bellas Artes, Biblioteca de Ciencias Jurídicas, and Palacio de la Madraza, together with improvements to the buildings in Ceuta and Melilla
  • Action 3.1.3 Plan for redesigning public and free-access spaces, to facilitate personal contact and functional wholeness: museum-led spaces in the Observatorio de Cartuja; renovation and revitalising of the UGR's archaeological spaces located on the Cartuja campus; and making the University more present in the city's Old Quarter, opening up its public spaces and common areas

Strand 3.2. New urbanisation, with landscaping of existing features

  • Action 3.2.1 The Cartuja Plan: Re-urbanisation of the Cartuja Campus, creating scenic spaces as places for meeting and leisure, open-air museum spaces, viewing points, pedestrian and bicycle routes, and interconnection with neighbouring suburbs
  • Action 3.2.2 The Fuentenueva Plan: Re-urbanisation of the Fuentenueva Campus, a green oasis in the city centre, by making further improvements to its already high degree of integration with the city, and linking all development to the metropolitan light railway and the AVE high speed train service
  • Action 3.2.3 The City Centre Plan: Promoting the city centre Campus as a friendly campus, well connected by an extensive network of pedestrian and bicycle routes
  • Action 3.2.4 The Environmental and Landscape Quality Plan: revitalisation of the university landscape via a study of the different plant species

Strand 3.3. New constructions, and integrated, specialised nodes for the BioTic Granada Campus

  • Action 3.3.1 The PTS Plan: Urbanisation and building on the Health-Science Technology Park following the 'specialist node' model of the BioTic Granada Campus
  • Action 3.3.2 The 'Didactic Campus' Plan via specialist nodes at the BioTic Granada Campus
  • Action 3.3.3 Residential plan for the Campus in metropolitan areas

Strand 3.4. Programme of alterations to meet EHEA requirements, striving for quality ofeducation starting with the quality of the architecture in which it is delivered

  • Action 3.4.1 Adaptation programme for teaching and learning areas. Adaptation of lecture rooms to needs of smaller work groups and improvement of study areas. Drive towards meeting Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines
  • Action 3.4.2 Plan for preparing work spaces and equipment for research.
  • Action 3.4.3 University equipment plan, creating an experiential focal point, particularly in spaces where students intermingle, in line with the didactic campus philosophy:
    • Plan for libraries and newspaper libraries as resource centres for learning and research (known as CRAI)
    • Upgrading of workshops and seminar rooms
  • Action 3.4.4 Sports facilities plan (known as PID):
    • Improvement of the facilities for entry-level sports, particularly at the Fuentenueva and Cartuja Campuses
    • Improvement in the offer relating to special sports facilities at the Faculty of Physical Activity and Sports Science and the High Performance Centre in the Sierra Nevada
    • Actions relating to the facilities in the Sierra Nevada, the Sailing Club

Strand 3.5. Sustainable accessibility and mobility on the BioTic Granada Campus

  • Action 3.5.1 Connecting the metropolitan light railway with all nodes of the BioTic Granada Campus, and ensuring inter-modality with the other collective and alternative modes of public transport
  • Action 3.5.2 Developing a Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan to reduce the daily commuting volume
  • Action 3.5.3 The BioTic Granada Campus Accessibility Plan for people with disabilities, in line with the Fundación ONCE report
  • Action 3.5.4 Plan for the provision of teaching support to people with disabilities

Strand 3.6. BioTic Granada Eco-Campus. Environmental and eco-efficient Campus

  • Action 3.6.1 Resources and energy saving plan
  • Action 3.6.2 Design and delivery of periodical communication campaigns to raise awareness of environmental issues
  • Action 3.6.3 Plan for vitalising eco-awareness and eco-activity of Campus life: environmental management by centres, and management of laboratory waste
  • Action 3.6.4 Definition of guidelines that respect the environment in matters of design, construction and maintenance on-site
  • Action 3.6.5 Health and Safety at Work Plan
  • Action 3.6.6 Safety and evacuation Plan

Strand 3.7. BioTic Granada e-Campus, promoting info-accessibility

  • Action 3.7.1 Plan for renewing hardware on the BioTic Granada Campus
  • Action 3.7.2 Plan for updating software on the BioTic Granada Campus
  • Action 3.7.3 Generalised Internet access (WiMax) including the metropolitan area, Ceuta and Melilla
  • Action 3.7.4 Overarching info-accessibility plan. Creation of an info accessibility Unit

Thematic areas of specialisation

Línea 4.1. Granada Excellence Network of Innovation Laboratories (GENIL)

  • Action 4.1.1 Researchers Ongoing Longtime Stays (ROLS)
  • Action 4.1.2 Interdisciplinary Intensive Investigation of Excellence (IIIE)
  • Acción 4.1.3 Bridges for the Results of the Investigation between Society and Academia (BRISA)
  • Acción 4.1.4 Visibility, Information and Communication Actions (VICA)
  • Acción 4.1.5 The GENIL International Master School (GIMS)

Línea 4.2. Granada Research of Excellence Initiative on Bio-Health (GREIB)

  • Action 4.2.1 Excellence in BioHealth.
  • Action 4.2.2 Development of emerging strategic multidisciplinary opportunities
  • Action 4.2.3 Excellence in BioHealth training
  • Action 4.2.4 Transfer and innovation in BioHealth
  • Action 4.2.5 Visibility, promotion and internationalisation of BioHealth

Strand 4.3. Form a BIO-ICT Cluster and promote the BIO-REGION

  • Action 4.3.1 Action plan for BIO-ICT to foster competitive specialist projects.
  • Action 4.3.2 Plan to promote the BIO-REGION:

Anticipated partners

Strand 5.1. Agile and effective management of the BioTic Granada Campus

  • Action 5.1.1 Creation and constitution of the representative and executive bodies of the campus.
  • Action 5.1.2 Allocating physical spaces and providing resources and equipment to the central services of the campus.

Strand 5.2. Development of MoUs covering collaboration and relationships between national and international partners; and securing new strategic partners

  • Action 5.2.1 Dialogue with partners to update and broaden collaboration opportunities.
  • Action 5.2.2 Foster interaction between national and international partners.
  • Action 5.2.3 Plan for attracting new strategic partners.

Strand 5.3. Monitoring the BioTic Granada Campus

  • Action 5.3.1 Annual monitoring report for the project.
  • Action 5.3.2 Updating plan.

Internationalisation policies

Strand 6.1 Promotion of internationalisation

  • Action 6.1.1 Benchmarking of internationalisation units. Enhancement of

organisational structure to achieve excellence in the international unit of an international campus

  • Action 6.1.2 International mobility programme for researchers
  • Action 6.1.3 International marketing plan for BioTic Granada Campus

Strand 6.2 Promotion of international presence of the BioTic Granada Campus

  • Action 6.2.1 International teaching mobility programme: undergraduate, Masters and Doctorate
  • Action 6.2.2 International mobility programme for researchers
  • Action 6.2.3 International R&D&I programme
  • Action 6.2.4 Programme to promote agreements with internationally renowned academic institutions and knowledge transfer agencie.

Strand 6.3. International communication plan for BioTic Granada Campus

  • Action 6.3.1 Development of corporate identity.
  • Action 6.3.2 International communication plan for undergraduate study programmes
  • Action 6.3.3 International communication plan for Masters and Doctoral study programmes
  • Action 6.3.4 International communication plan for R&D&I and knowledge transfer
  • Action 6.3.5 Institutional publications plan
  • Action 6.3.6 Programme for signposting of BioTic Granada Campus in English
  • Action 6.3.7 Setting up of a GRANADA 2.0 platform. Development of a platform for institutional communication, communication amongst BioTic Granada Campus staff and students, amongst researchers and technologists. Setting up of blogs, chats and participation in specialized social networks
  • Action 6.3.8 Establishment of an Audiovisual Media Office (OMA)

Strand 6.4. Services for international students and staff

  • Action 6.4.1 Setting up and promotion of International Visitor Centre (CAVI) for the BioTic Granada Campus. Physical and virtual space for specialized attention for international visitors
  • Action 6.4.2 Establishment of GRANADA CARD, providing access to services
  • Action 6.4.3 Launch of ELVIRA virtual assistant system in English, parallel to existing service in Spanish
  • Action 6.4.4 Setting up of EURAXESS information point for international researchers

Strand 6.5. Promotion of language competence in BioTic Granada Campus

  • Action 6.5.1 Diagnosis of language competence in the BioTic Granada Campus
  • Action 6.5.2 Language policy document for BioTic Granada Campus.
  • Action 6.5.3 Programme for adaptation of services to incorporate attention in other languages.

Strand 6.6. Promotion of Cross-border Campus with North Africa

  • Action 6.6.1 Establishment of a network with Moroccan and North African universities
  • Action 6.6.2 Promotion of cooperation in teaching, research, university

management, knowledge and technology transfer

Participation in the model for a sustainable economy

Strand 7.1. Ideapolis, exchange of ideas and a pole for innovation

  • Action 7.1.1 BioTic Granada Campus IDEAPOLIS Platform for the generation and exchange of ideas and innovations. Connection between, on the one hand, the gathering of proposals, challenges or problems needing solutions from science and technology and, on the other, suppliers of solutions and alternatives
  • Action 7.1.2 Knowledge Mobility, opening laboratories and knowledge to interact, share and generate value. Establishment of interdisciplinary groups of international excellence for the pursuit and development of sustainable economy businesses
  • Action 7.1.3 “The world as our R+D department” for each area of knowledge
  • Action 7.1.4 Benchmarking with R&D&I leaders to establish standards and best practices
  • Action 7.1.5 Inventory of challenges requiring research and business opportunities (start-up)

Strand 7.2. Promotion of a new model of sustainable economy on-Campus

  • Action 7.2.1 Plan to rationalize internal and external processes
  • Action 7.2.2 Plan to rationalize spending and financial sustainability
  • Action 7.2.3 Plan for the sustainability of the organisational structure
  • Action 7.2.4 Setting up of an Innovation and Employment Chair
  • Action 7.2.5 Best initiatives for the promotion of a sustainable economy

Strand 7.3. Protection, conservation, valuing and dissemination of historical and artistic heritage

  • Action 7.3.1 UGR Museum
  • Action 7.3.2 Heritage as a space for open-air teaching and learning
  • Action 7.3.3 Optimize use of special areas
  • Action 7.3.4 Plan for preventive conservation and Technical Inspection of Buildings

Strand 7.4. BioTic Granada Campus as an agent for the promotion of culture

  • Action 7.4.1 Campus cultural programme
  • Action 7.4.2 Develop new spaces for cultural creation and debate on the Internet
  • Action 7.4.3 Programme for cultural production

Strand 7.5. Measures for awareness-raising, training and research in national, international and especially cross-border development cooperation

  • Action 7.5.1 Awareness-raising programmes
  • Action 7.5.2 Programme for the promotion of research into development cooperation
  • Action 7.5.3 Plan for development cooperation and volunteering
  • Action 7.5.4 Special cross-border cooperation plan. North-South Mediterranean cooperation

Strand 7.6 BioTic Granada Campus committed to students, their participation and meeting their needs

  • Action 7.6.1 Employment guidance and support plan. Observatory of graduate employment
  • Action 7.6.2 Plan for excellence in student services
  • Action 7.6.3 Programme for student participation in the BioTic Granada Campus and joint activities with Campus Partners
  • Action 7.6.4 Student portal: student services relating to BioTic Granada Campus
  • Action 7.6.5 Constitution and promotion of alumni associations.

Strand 7.7. Commitment of BioTic Granada Campus to the development and implementation of policies for equality

  • Action 7.7.1 Diagnosis and periodical reports on Equality
  • Action 7.7.2 Plan for Equality between women and men
  • Action 7.7.3 Promotion of research into Equality

Strand 7.8. University Social Responsibility (USR) of the BioTic Granada Campus

  • Action 7.8.1 Periodic reports: annual report on USR and other reports (economic impact of university on its local area)
  • Action 7.8.2 Promotion of Chair in the Ethics of the Professions
  • Action 7.8.3 Information and visibility of university actions throughout society at large

Strand 7.9. Strategy for the promotion of sports: an excellent 2015 Winter UNIVERSIADA

  • Action 7.9.1 Plan to improve sports facilities
  • Action 7.9.2 Annual university sports programme
  • Action 7.9.3 Special plan to promote sport for the UNIVERSIADA
  • Action 7.9.4 Develop facilities and organisational structure necessary for the organisation of the 2015 UNIVERSIADA

Alliances and networks

Strand 8.1 Promotion of membership and leadership of international networks

  • Action 8.1.1 Review of role played in international education/teaching networks and identification of other networks of interest (includes Erasmus Mundus consortia)
  • Action 8.1.2 Programme to incentivise and promote membership of leading international teaching/education networks
  • Action 8.1.3 Review of role played in international R&D&I networks and identification of other networks of interest
  • Action 8.1.4 Programme to incentivise and promote membership of leading international R&D&I networks in the BioTic Granada areas
  • Action 8.1.5 Programme for dissemination and visibility of networks, their activities and their potential benefits for the whole BioTic Granada community (activities portal, information and awareness-raising campaign [network of the month], seminars and lectures organised by networks, dynamic area in Web…)
  • Action 8.1.6 Bilingual (Spanish/English) international newsletter for international Granada CIO-ICT Campus partners
  • Action 8.1.7 Programme to incentivise active participation of BioTic Granada researchers in networking activities, and in network governing bodies
  • Action 8.1.8 Programme to incentivise the establishment of new networks with internationally-renowned partners in the specialized areas of the Campus

Strand 8.2 Promotion of alliances of excellence

  • Action 8.2.1 Identification of potential new partners
  • Action 8.2.2 Programme to incentivise strategic alliances with centres of

international excellence, especially within the specialized fields of the BioTic Granada Campus (new partners and consolidation of links with existing partners)

  • Action 8.2.3 Programme to support joint initiatives in the framework of alliances of excellence
  • Action 8.2.4 Establishment of a network of campuses of international excellence active in Spain, EU and worldwide in BIO-ICT areas
  • Action 8.2.5 Plan to promote links with industry to promote work experience and graduate employment opportunities in BIO-ICT