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====== AM A RESEARCHER AND WANT TO REQUEST A PROJECT INTERNATIONAL - WHAT CAN I DO ?====== • Do I have international contacts? / / This is possibly the most important question that may arise in most projects. The normal order is: first, to establish contacts and forge a partnership (if possible, with some accredited publication), then apply for projects. / / • How I can establish international contacts? / / There is no one way. Opportunities exist in international conferences, of course, but we must not overlook the possibility of direct contact. Send an email inquiring on an item, request materials to share, send students on short stays, inviting courts theses. Be active. / / • Is there support for such contacts? / / The Plan envisages owned co-finance short stays for collaboration, which should be designed to ultimately bear fruit in a research project. / / • Are there any projects in my area? / / Yes and no. Some projects, such as the AECID or FP7 IDEAS program, are free subject. However, the majority of European and international projects, in general, have very specific thematic objectives. While covering many subject areas, including humanities, it is possible that there is good correspondence between self-interest and the convening agencies. / / • What should I do first? / / The first is to identify opportunities in general. To do this you can check our website, in particular our virtual presentation. You can also contact us directly, or contact one of our information days. / / • What is the difference between international projects nationals? / / The international projects are diverse, depending on the convening body, and in many cases require a certain proficiency in English, at least written / read. It is useful to know the different possibilities, for example by attending one of our days, by accessing our virtual journey on the web, or through direct contact with our office staff. / / • How I can give an international dimension to my research? / / First, being active in seeking international contacts and collaborations. Secondly, knowing the possibilities of funding. But it is possible and desirable to work with groups from other countries without additional funding, at least initially. / / • “The international projects are individual or collaborative? / / There are of two types, but are generally collaborative projects. In this case, it is preferable to have an existing partnership to establish a contact on the occasion of the call, among other reasons, because the reviewers tend to be more skeptical in these circumstances. / / • How I can get information on international projects? / / The easiest way is to go to the OFPI. In our website you will find summaries of all types of projects, as well as specific calls, which are also advertised via email. Access our virtual journey. Contact with us, we will be happy to help. / /