CEI BioTic Granada

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Specific indicators and expected impact

The BioTic GRANADA project is expressed in 8 evaluable aspects, each one with its own specific set of indicators and expected impact. Improvement model

Improvements in teaching, and adaptation to the EHEA

At the heart of this project are actions relating to teaching, training, R&D&I, and knowledge and technology transfer. With these as foundations, a new model of economic development is being built, with a clear international vocation to achieve excellence and with a Campus that is socially committed, as summarised in the figure below. The entire endeavour has clear a specialisation in Bio-ICT, with the full backing and involvement of partners.

Improvements in science and knowledge transfer

In line with the Figure referred-to in the earlier section on improvements to teaching, firstly the aim is to equip existing R&D&I with more and better resources - in human resource terms, in organisational structure, and in management - to achieve research par excellence with even greater international recognition.

Campus transformation

Integration into the city of Granada has been a constant for the UGR. Its facilities are located throughout the urban fabric and clustered around specific nodes which are increasingly specialised.

The BioTic Granada Campus project is the highest expression of this specialisation, promoting improvements in urbanisation that achieve greater harmony with the local environment, creating new, high quality architecture, and reforming existing architecture way beyond the concept of a simple ‘container’.

Thematic areas of specialisation

Behind these actions lies a special interest in certain specialist sub-areas in which significant international experience has already been demonstrated and which contribute especially to technology transfer and entrepreneurial activity for the new model of economic development.

Anticipated partners

The BioTic Granada Campus model of strategic partnership strives to achieve vigorous interaction amongst partners and to strengthen opportunities for national and international profile-building for the Campus. It seeks to foster internal relationships (interaction between businesses, between the business sector and research institutes, between education and research, between public and private entities), and relationships external to the cluster, with other leading specialist agents, campuses or clusters from across the world.

Internationalisation policies

Although this aspect is implicit in other objectives, the importance which international recognition must have in a project of this kind is such (indeed, it is included in the very name) that it clearly deserves special attention. The starting point will be the analysis of the world’s top international services and the reinforcement of the organisational structure as the basis for an international marketing strategy for the BioTic Granada Campus.

Participation in the model for a sustainable economy

On the basis of its academic and scientific pillars, together with its stakeholders and partners, the BioTic Granada Campus is to build a space which is open for collaboration and the sharing of knowledge. But knowledge itself is static and does not add value if there it is not accompanied by an open attitude, if it is not accompanied by intelligence and energy to put it into practice. Here, new initiatives are put forward, such as those taking advantage of the new opportunities offered by the Information Society and the concepts of openness, sharing and joint interaction of stakeholders and partners.