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Universidad de Granada | Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas | Parque Tecnológico de Ciencias de la Salud de Granada


The BioTic Granada Campus represents a shared commitment to shared development. In other words:

Strengthening of the International Posgraduate and Doctoral Schools based on international benchmarking with leading counterparts
  • The determined commitment of a strategic partnership composed of public and private players that bring a high level of shared involvement and a sense of shared identity around a common trajectory and model based on a set of differentiating strengths. The leadership provided by the UGR is further strengthened by three other partner-promoters specialised in research and knowledge transfer: the CSIC and the Health-Science Technology Park. Completing the partnership are key players from local and regional government, from other academic institutions, from agents from the innovation realm, from businesses and from social agents.
  • The development of an ‘intelligent’ project that seeks to learn and innovate at the same time as designing actions considered imaginative, that has a firm commitment to achieving international excellence and that places the emphasis on its own organising capacity. This is achieved by developing:
    • Teaching excellence, based on student-centred learning.
    • Research excellence, at the heart of attracting fresh talent and sharing knowledge.
    • Graduate recruitment in the labour market.
    • Technology and knowledge transfer to improve quality of life, in close collaboration with economic agents.
The unit for documentation and bibliometrics will help orientate decisions regarding scientific production and its visibility
  • A socio-economic model that is entirely new, thanks to its specialisation in BioHealth-ICT, its connection with the local business network, its partnership approach and its focus on sustainable development, with a high level of training in human capital terms.
  • A didactic urban Campus offering creative spaces, as a social and economic driver.
  • Active Equality policies.
  • Excellent services that are fully accessible.
  • A key role in championing sports, based on a wide-ranging offer and the commitment to drive it forward – an offer that embraces mountain, sea and sports of all kinds.
  • Shared, in the sense of an open and socially responsible proposal based on the approach taken the various partners with regard to their concern for accessibility (both physical and in terms of information), for sustainability in the design and management of the Campus itself, and for international cooperation, particularly cross-border. This is a participatory project, designed to foster mutual responsibility, with a special emphasis on student participation – both in meeting their study-related needs and also in supporting them post-programme.

In order to achieve these aspirations, a road map or methodology is proposed which consists of developing the organising capacity of the BioTic GRANADA Campus and strategic management of its resources and competencies.

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