CEI BioTic Granada

Universidad de Granada | Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas | Parque Tecnológico de Ciencias de la Salud de Granada


Transforming European leadership into ERASMUS exchanges, into international leadership, into attracting top talent.

BioTic Granada will be an international benchmark in the sphere of its specialisations.

Promotion of the visibility of R&D&I through the MARKI+D+i and COMUNI+D+i programmes

The aspirational vision of the project – as reflected in its formal title ‘GReat Aggregate Network for an Advanced, Developed, Accessible and Sustainable Campus of International Excellence’ – is to be an appealing Campus based on ‘intelligent’ development, an international benchmark as a specialised partnership that is committed to a new economic model, and renowned internationally for its excellence.

In summary, it aspires:

  1. To represent a teaching and research offer of international appeal thanks to its fit with the European Higher Education Area (EHEA), and the strength of the international undergraduate, Masters and doctoral programmes it has to offer. It aims to occupy a leading position in the common European teaching and research spheres, developing centres that are considered benchmarks internationally for their strategic pairing of Health Sciences and ICT.
  2. To be appealing to students, researchers and experts who generate knowledge and transfer, thus strengthening the strategic areas. This appeal must be based upon quality of life, quality of the urban environment, accessibility, an appealing natural and social environment, and resources for developing knowledge and research.
  3. To be positively valued by the groups and individuals whom it seeks to engage, including both those belonging to the university and Bio-ICT Campus community as well as by society as a whole, becoming a committed and specialised partnership that is regarded as an international benchmark.
  4. To achieve sustainable integration in society and its physical fabric, so as to become recognised for the interaction between the city and the University, both in urban development and in local social and cultural activities.
  5. To constitute an ethical, intelligent project that will help to improve levels of development and wellbeing, responding to and providing solutions to human needs.
  6. To take full advantage of the scientific and knowledge transfer potential of the Campus, and be recognised for transforming scientific potential into balanced and sustainable economic and social development. Thus it will be known for its commitment to the local environment and through close liaison with social agencies.
  7. To be an open institution in the widest sense: open to knowledge, innovation and criticism, to international relations and to society at large – and also to cooperation between the public and the private, and with other Spanish and foreign institutions.