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Strategic Partnership

BioTic GRANADA Campus is conceived as a strategic partnership which encourages non-competitive collaboration between partners. Each of the three partner-promoters has a clearly defined mission, as do all the other members of the partnership. An open and responsible management structure ensures an effective Campus, with direction clearly defined and driven in each aspect of the project, and with all partners pulling together.

A partnership of stakeholders in development: public administration (local and regional), academic institutions, transfer agencies, business and social partners

In the BioTic GRANADA strategic partnership there are different levels:

  • Partner-promoters, which are 100% involved in the project. The UGR, the Health-Science Technology Park and CSIC centres share spaces and campuses.
  • Anticipated national partners, which bring experience in collaboration with Universities, specialisation in one of the strategic areas of the project, and commitment to its objectives. Through their involvement the national partners contribute added value to BioTic Granada Campus.
  • Anticipated international partners, which have a clear link to the strategic areas. To be included, they must be international authorities or be positioned amongst the top institutions in recognised world-wide rankings.

Diagram showing the strategic partnership


Diagram of the different types of partner in the BioTic Granada Campus Partner-promoters
BioTic Granada is an urban Campus promoted by a University, a technology park and a research centre.




Partner-promoters of the BioTic Granada Campus

Each of these organisations is wholly involved in the project and their commitment directly affects all spheres of the endeavour. The UGR, the PTS and the CSIC centres share spaces and sites throughout the same city.

All of the partner-promoters share an active interest in attracting new talent, training at professional and postgraduate level, research, and knowledge and technology transfer – indeed these dimensions form part of their raison d’être.

A partnership involving important business stakeholders from the BioTic cluster, such as Abbott, Agresso, Kandor Graphics, Laboratorios Rovi, Neuron Biopharma, Novasoft, Puleva Biotech, Puleva Food, Telefónica I+D

Specialisation in strategic areas is an objective shared not only by the UGR and the CSIC centres but also by the PTS – the ideal Technology Park to have on board as a partner. The Health-Science Technology Park is one of the most important in Spain for its specialism, a factor that contributes further transfer capacity to help achieve strategic objectives.

The partner-promoters are all international in nature, maintaining significant links and relations with research centres in the strategic areas of specialisation throughout the world.

National partners

International partners

BioTic Granada will be an international benchmark in its area of specialisation.

They can be classified geographically as follows: