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Employment is a shared commitment between businesses and other partners of CIE BioTic

The UGR’s Employability and Work Placement Centre (known as CPEP) helps students prepare for working life and provides them with a range of tools to facilitate job search and employment. Its services are aimed at both graduates and those completing their final year, and range from delivering information and guidance activities to organising work placements.

On the work placement side, the aim is to help UGR students who have achieved over 50% of the credits on their degree to find 3-6 months’ work experience in a company, in a public sector department or within the university itself. Some students may undertake their placement in another European country via programmes such as Leonardo da Vinci.

For those who are preparing to look for employment, the Centre provides professional guidance and training on recruitment and selection processes, plus advice on how to get into the job market.


The CPEP also has its own recruitment agency, which puts businesses in touch with suitable graduates to meet their recruitment needs.

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